Thursday, July 29, 2010


This year’s edition of Love Parade, the world’s largest dance music festival, ended in tragedy as 19 people died and hundreds more were injured due to overcrowding at the event’s single entrance and exit.
The trouble began on Saturday evening around 17:00 when organizers decided to stop letting people into the festival site, which was already badly overcrowded. But tens of thousands more revelers had already filled the narrow underpass leading to the gates, and turning them around proved impossible. The situation worsened quickly, especially inside a tunnel near the entrance, which became unbearably hot and short of oxygen.
Kevin Krausgartner, a 21-year-old who was among those bottlenecked in the tunnel, described the scene to Welt Online: “There were 25 people lying in a heap. I screamed – people could no longer get any air. I saw dead people, and one person was sitting there looking extremely pale. I wanted to give him some water, but the ambulance medic told me there was no point as he was already dead.”
According to reports, some of the deaths took place during a stampede inside the tunnel, while others happened in a crush surrounding a steep utility staircase leading out of the mess. Others fell as far as nine meters from a ladder leading to an embankment up above. In total, 16 revelers died at the scene, three more in ambulances and at the hospital.
Meanwhile, the party continued at the disused railway station that served as Love Parade’s central venue. UK-based DJ Mark Knight told the BBC: “We were told just before we were about to play ‘the show has to go on. We cannot stop for fear of the repercussions and more panic.’” According to Knight, about half of the people at the festival seemed aware of the tragedy unfolding outside, while the other half looked oblivious. He described the scene as “very odd” and “surreal.”
So far, blame has been leveled mostly at the event promoters and the city of Duisburg. Many think the venue was poorly chosen: a former coal mining town in Germany’s Ruhr valley region, Duisburg has a population of just 500,000; the attendance at this year’s Love Parade was roughly 1.4 million. Over the weekend, German news magazine Der Spiegel uncovered an official document from the city that said the event was cleared for only 250,000 guests. An official investigation into the matter is currently under way.
“The organizers are to be blamed,” says Dr. Motte, original founder of Love Parade. “It is a scandal to only allow the people a single entrance to the party site… The organizers didn’t have the least amount of concern for the people.” Motte threw the first Love Parade in Berlin in 1989, four months before the wall came down. This year’s event was run by Rainer Schaller, who is also CEO of McFit, a German chain of fitness centers.
Wolfgang Orscheschek, a spokesman for the police trade union, said Schaller and his team had pressured the city into hosting the event, despite concerns among locals and safety officials. In a statement on behalf of the 1,400 police on duty at Love Parade, Orscheschek said the victims had been “sacrificed for material interests.”
On Sunday afternoon, some of those affected set up a memorial by the mouth of the tunnel where many of the deaths occurred. Flowers were laid and candles lit near pictures of the victims, while one cardboard sign grimly displayed the word “Warum?” (“Why?”)
Out of respect for the victims of this year’s event, Schaller has announced that there will be no future editions of the famous dance music festival. “The Love Parade has always been a peaceful party, but it will for ever be overshadowed by the accident,” he said. “It’s all over for the Love Parade.”

(article taken from , Rachel Rixham)

Thursday, July 22, 2010


1.) Alex Mind, Electrixx - No Discussion (original mix)
2.) Hardwell, Chuckie, Ambush - Move It 2 The Drum (original mix)
3.) Dero, Juan Magan, Robbie Rivera - Oh Baby ft. Juan Magan
4.) Tara McDonald, Like Mike, Dimitri Vegas, Dada Life - Tomorrow (give in to the night)(Dabruck & Klein Mix)
5.) Takeshy Kurosawa, Sala, Peruz - Block Off (Matteo Sala, Maurizio Gubellini Mix)
6.) Stafford Brothers - Wasted (Baba O'Riley)(Sidney Samson Mix)
7.) Afrojack, Gregor Salto - Ill Be There feat. Jimbolee (main mix)
8.) Andy Caldwell - Funk Nasty feat. Gram'Ma Funk (Wolfgang Gartner Mix)
9.) Flutuance,Miles Dyson - Copacabana (original mix)
10.) Gina Star - I want it now (Keith & Supabeatz Remix)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vibrantsoundz's Luis Elusivo Booked to spin SOUP July 23rd in Manhatten, NYC

Saturday, July 17, 2010



Karbokane - WishIndustry Kazantip May 2010 ( by KARBOKANE

Karbokane - The Dun Doc 2010 Kazantip ( by KARBOKANE

POP ROCKIN, HEAD KNOCKIN!!!, electro progressive house beats is what Karbokane has magnified in his style of spinning records. His New York underground playhouse of dark beats, mixed with his second home of Miami’s fresh sounds, complement each other throughout his mixing, catching the ears of many listeners. From the North to the South, Karbokane is sure to take your body, mind, and soul into another dimension.

Karbokane has played at the most sought after venues in the United States, such as Body English, Dream, Gansavoort, Karu & Y, Versace Mansion, Voyeur, and many more in San Diego, San Francisco, Vegas, Denver, New York, Pennsylvania, Dallas, South Florida, The Caribbean, Mexico, and Canada. He has been heard to bring the floor a unique, intense sound that can only be brought by him on the decks. Working with artists such as Reggae vocalist Shaggy keeps his productions unique from the rest. His musical selection and programming has become unparalleled in its diversity and ability to take the audience on a journey that will not be forgotten so be sure to mark your calendars when Karbokane is in town or suffer the regret that your friends will feed you when you dont hear what you missed.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Click Here To Visit:

The man behind an arsenal of insane mashups, responsible for contributing to the banging sets spun in clubs around the world is definitly not new to the game. Dj Kontrol whom makes up 1/3 of the the notoriusly known 3 Bad Brothaz is a pioneer and has been around for years. I remember back in the day in my hometown utica in upstate ny, i was looked at as the man behind the hot breakbeat sets in the area. Yeah the good ol' flippin through the crate days. Keep in mind this was like 10+ years ago. I had two hot spots where I bought my breaks records, Satellite Records in NYC and through a good friend Tommy Who in FL. I started coming across these hot florida breaks tracks remixed with hip hop through my buddy Tommy that were just INSANE!! In my area at the time, this was shit that nobody really heard. So I have to say these tracks definitly contributed to my banging sets. So thats where I first jumped on the 3BB boat. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO DJ KONTROL AND THE CREW FOR MAKING A HUGE CONTRIBUTION TO THE BREAKS SCENE YEARS AGO!!! Thats right!!10 years ago Kontrol was putting out the hottness on 12" vinyl and still today putting out hundreds and hundreds of the hottest remixes and segways on a weekly basis. I was on the boat then and still today I remain on board. My favorite Kontrol remix would have to be the (Drop It Low (Dirty South Triple Mash) – Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown)( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!! ). My favorite Kontrol segway that the clubgoers go sick everytime I play would have to be the (We Be Steady Mobbin’ (A Milli Segway) – Lil’ Wayne into Young Money ( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!! ). You can purchase any of Kontrol's remixes at the following websites:


Yeah! Good Morning (Part. 2) - DJ Kontrol (Video by DJ Aaron The Era) from DJ Kontrol (The Remix Junkie) on Vimeo.

Better Off How Low - DJ Kontrol (Video by DJ Aaron The Era) from DJ Kontrol (The Remix Junkie) on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Have you ever been at a rocking party and wished that you could be there all over again? With its the next best thing. we bring you sets of the best djs from venues all over the US, from coast to coast we will be bringing you the best entertainment in the electronic dance music scene. - mixing your life!


Timo Maas and James Zabiela from on Vimeo.


Friday, July 2, 2010


Just stopped by this site, and I must say it feels nice to have a website for dj equipment sold by djs. Nothing worse than asking a salesman about a product that has no clue and beats around the bush the whole time. Well I snooped around through this site for a while and talked hand in hand with Dj Ty and I must say I LIKE WHAT I SEE!! This site is now on the favorites list for sure!! As stated on the site there are 2 main reasons why people keep going back to visit this awsome site.

1.)You feel like you’re connecting with real DJ’s that understand the industry, the gear, and most of all YOUR needs.

2) Your purchase and service experience before and many times after the sale far exceeds that of any other dealer in the country.

I dont know if your familiar with great customer service of the serato team, but this team offers the same hospitality with thier customer service following every purchase. Any questions you have, or you are a new dj and confused and need assistance with one of your purchases, one on one help is offered by the team. Im sorry YOU CAN NOT BEAT THAT!! 2 THUMBZ WAY UP!! from dj elementz

Thursday, July 1, 2010


1.) Robbie Rivera - Rock the disco (David Guetta's Laptop Remix)
2.) Afrojack & David Guetta - Louder than words
3.) Boogie Pimps - All day and all of the night (Tune Brothers Alert Mix)
4.) Dj Bam Bam - Bonefied Hustler
5.) David Guetta ft. Chris Willis, Fergie, LMFAO - Gettin' over you (Sidney Samson Remix)
6.) Afrojack - Polkadots 2010 (Oliver Twizt Remix)
7.) Jesse Lee, Luis Lopez - Is this love (Chuckie Remix)
8.) Deadmau5 - Some chords
9.) Robbie Rivera, Dero - Oh Baby ft. Juan Magan (Maurizio Gubellini Vs. Dero&Rivera Main Mix)
10.) Kelis, Benny Benassi - Spaceship (Fedde Le Grand Remix)