Friday, July 16, 2010


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The man behind an arsenal of insane mashups, responsible for contributing to the banging sets spun in clubs around the world is definitly not new to the game. Dj Kontrol whom makes up 1/3 of the the notoriusly known 3 Bad Brothaz is a pioneer and has been around for years. I remember back in the day in my hometown utica in upstate ny, i was looked at as the man behind the hot breakbeat sets in the area. Yeah the good ol' flippin through the crate days. Keep in mind this was like 10+ years ago. I had two hot spots where I bought my breaks records, Satellite Records in NYC and through a good friend Tommy Who in FL. I started coming across these hot florida breaks tracks remixed with hip hop through my buddy Tommy that were just INSANE!! In my area at the time, this was shit that nobody really heard. So I have to say these tracks definitly contributed to my banging sets. So thats where I first jumped on the 3BB boat. SO A BIG THANK YOU TO DJ KONTROL AND THE CREW FOR MAKING A HUGE CONTRIBUTION TO THE BREAKS SCENE YEARS AGO!!! Thats right!!10 years ago Kontrol was putting out the hottness on 12" vinyl and still today putting out hundreds and hundreds of the hottest remixes and segways on a weekly basis. I was on the boat then and still today I remain on board. My favorite Kontrol remix would have to be the (Drop It Low (Dirty South Triple Mash) – Ester Dean feat. Chris Brown)( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!! ). My favorite Kontrol segway that the clubgoers go sick everytime I play would have to be the (We Be Steady Mobbin’ (A Milli Segway) – Lil’ Wayne into Young Money ( CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!! ). You can purchase any of Kontrol's remixes at the following websites:


Yeah! Good Morning (Part. 2) - DJ Kontrol (Video by DJ Aaron The Era) from DJ Kontrol (The Remix Junkie) on Vimeo.

Better Off How Low - DJ Kontrol (Video by DJ Aaron The Era) from DJ Kontrol (The Remix Junkie) on Vimeo.

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  1. I have been rockin DJ Kontrol's remixes for a few years now. He is always putting out some tight ish and helps keep my dancefloor rockin all night long. Thanks for you hard work Kontrol!!!!!!!