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November 13 at 9:00pm - November 14 at 5:00am

Bridgewater Indoor Skate Park

355 State Rt 8

Bridgewater, NY

Main Stage: Vibe 101

Angel Alanis

asquaredmusic : iloveudjs: Chicago

www.angelalanis.com : www.mixcloud.com/angelalanis

...Angel Alanis (aka A2, Kasper Weiss, Miguel Wihn) is one of the most diverse yet consistent dance music producers to emerge from Chicago. With an uninterrupted flow of releases since 1997, Angel has unleashed tracks ranging from house and filtered disco workouts to tribal house, tech-house and minimal. Angel's inimitable style and masterful production technique secured remix and collaborative work with top tier artists such as Felix Da Housecat, DJ Rush, Colette, Sinead O'Connor, Greenskeepers, Julia Fordham, Robbie Rivera, Pole Folder, M.in and are-mix for Joey Negro, which occupied the #1 spot on the billboard charts. In 1997, Angel released his debut EP '93Advanced Therapy 94 on the Contact Records label. Angel went on to release numerous classic tracks through Contaminated, International House Records (IHR), and Moody. In 1999, Angel delivered his full-length debut album "The Subconscious State of Techno" and in 2001 Angel premiered his imprint, A-Squared Muzik, with the smash hit \'93Do You Like the Way You Feel When You Shake.'94 Angel was awarded in 2004 with a ranking on BPM Magazine's Top 100 DJ List after producing DJ Colette's Dancestar Award winning song, "Feelin' Hypnotized," which was heavily licensed for compilations, commercial and film synchronization, and appeared in a Motorola television advertisement.

Until recently, Angel was a member of Noise Floor Crew with Lady Foursquare, Local Hero, and various artists including 12th Plant and Fluffronix. Noise Floor remixed Portishead'92s '93Third,'94 which garnered attention from New York Magazine and Big Shot Magazine. Klientele, the techno label founded together by Angel and Foursquare, featured work from Harvey McKay, Nikitin, Semikashev, and Punisher. Angel has since parted from Noise Floor Crew, as well as the Klientele label. He is currently starting M-too, his own independent label, which will focus on house and minimalistic music and House. In addition to working with DJ Pierre and the Afro Acid team on Pierre'92s solo album, Angel is currently working on a mainstream project called '93kliphart,'94 which is sure to earn the acclaim that has been seen thus far.


iloveudjs : slapjaxx records : communique records : Chicago

www.iloveudjs.com www.communiquemusic.com

Rebecca Ciaglia is the founder of I LOVE YOU DJs; a small agency consisting of a handful of high quality artists. Ciaglia has produced several releases on the legendary techno label, Communiqu'e9 Records.
Raised by a classical musician she studied piano rigorously through her youth and eventually found her way into the rave scene in the early 90s'. The development of her musicality and early immersion into dance culture has had a definite impact on her production today. She has clocked gigs around the world and currently works as manager for DJ ESP aka Woody McBride and is artistic director of I LOVE YOU DJs.
Whether it be on the decks or live PA . Ciaglia's performances are a brilliant journey into a world of intense musicality, and connection between audience and artist.

How Hard

Hardmind, Hard Kryptic Records, Ravers Only, Groove Therapy Mgt) NYC


One of the most recognized names in the NYC Hardcore Techno scene How Hard, aka The Pied Piper of Hardcore, has continued to rock dancefloors throughout North America for years with his hard hitting hardcore/gabber, hard techno, industrial, drum-n-bass, and more. As an original artist as well as co-founder of respected NYC DJ crew Hardmind and internationally recognized top-selling record label Hard Kryptic Records, How Hard continues to branch out and conquer the music industry.

Rich Morykon & Frank Ziggy

Electro/Open Format - G7 - Pa.


Fidget -VibrantSoundz


Hardcore : Direkt Influence, Defektiv SoundSystem

Elusivo,Shaun Josef, & Acheron

VibrantSoundz & SickSound (opening and closing sets)

Roy Buckley
upstateartistguild: Albany



Room 2: Underground 101

Love Sound Project w/ Chris Love, Dbow, & Amp
Enkay: NYC

www.stay-nyc.com : www.facebook.com/soup

Makin their way up from NYC we have The Love Sound Project! These three DJs will be giving ya a real lesson on what JACK is all about. Recently reviving their Soup weekly @ Stay Lounge, the LSP has been bringin in the nation's top talent to the lower eastside so we all can get a taste of REAL HOUSE MUSIC!

DJ Depth

Fuze/Awake Audio - Ableton Live! (live bday set)


What can be said bout Depth, that you all haven’t heard already!! The co-founder of CNY’s most beloved crews Eclectech will be droppin an opening LIVE bday set like no other. Expect nothing less then perfection when Depth takes control of the floor for Skoolie Hi-DEF!!


Fuze/MicroCosm House



Awake Audio - Live PA!


Awake Audio

Room 3: Broken Beats 101

Milkdud -

DNBC, Massive Audio - Albany, NY


DJ Milkdud on his passion for electronic music and its growing presence on the Capital Region scene

The sound of “a thousand monkeys hitting a thousand drums” is how Greg Mankes, aka DJ Milkdud, describes “jungle,” the kinetic style of music that he spins at various electronic-music nights in the Capital Region.

As Mankes explains it, the music first known as jungle—which now falls under the banner heading of “drum & bass”—emerged from the British rave scene back in the early to mid-’90s. “It was chaotic-sounding music at high speeds,” he says, music characterized by smooth bass lines, loads of samples and break-beat percussion at rapid speeds of 160 to 170 beats per minute, underlain at the time by a reggae and dub influence.

Like many forms of electronic dance music, jungle was more accepted in the United Kingdom from the start, receiving radio play on BBC stations and blowing up big in London clubs. In the United States, however, the sound was found deeper underground. That didn’t stop Mankes, a Guilderland native, from tapping into the burgeoning music while studying far from the scene’s center at Buffalo State College in 1996.
As opposed to music made for sedate headphone or bedroom listening, jungle and drum & bass were designed for an altogether different milieu: clubs with dance floors. So unless you have venues where you can hear the music in the environment it was intended for, it’s hard to grasp the full impact of the sound. “It’s visceral music,” Mankes explains. “It hits people at more of a primal level.”

With some 2,000 records at his disposal, stacked neatly into a wall of vinyl at the Round Lake apartment he shares with fiancĂ©e Jen Haley, a house DJ who will perform at RISE on March 3, Mankes carefully stitches together his sets, which may span tracks encompassing the history of jungle and drum & bass. It’s more complicated than it may sound, with Mankes putting in 12 to 16 hours of advance work for a set that may only last an hour

Leila & Mentally Ill

DNBC, 761 Prod.,M.A.D.E.,Bass Camp Recordings / DNBC, 761 Prod., Massive Audio - Albany, NY

www.djleila.com : www.myspace.com/santola

Leila – who in the past 3 years has accomplished what many dj’s haven’t been able to do in twice that time – is known for a rugged hard and dark style to her sets. It may not look like it, but that’s how she earned the name the “Queen of Mean”! Her ALL VINYL sets definitely force the listener to dance while emphasizing the evil side of DNB.
Newly appointed leader of DNBC (NY), and a member of 761 Productions (CT), M.A.D.E. (MA), Bass Camp Recordings (NYC), & Spread the Word Productions (CT) – her high energy behind the decks and the evil grimy beats that she drops definitely make Leila’s show something you don’t want to miss!

Mentally Ill - WARNING: This dj may cause brain damage. A frontal lobotomy may also be necessary after listening this dj.

Just in from the funny farm, Mentally Ill has prepared to deliver you a mind-altering dnb set. A eight year patient of the tech 1200 program, Mentally Ill has gripped on to reality just long enough to figure out how to converse with turntables everywhere in order to manipulate the vinyl he spins with them. Thats right, VINYL! So strap on your helmets and tighten your straightjackets, the voices have told him it may be a bumpy ride.......or not.....but probably....maybe.....its hard to tell. Judge for yourself. Either way he's definitely committed.....or at least he will be again soon.


Haitian, Hambone & SMD MC ( Party Guy Records, Get Bent!, 2kDeep, 716 Productions)


2K Deep can be best described as a coalition of gang bangin' DJs. Our philosophy is to bring to the floor a variety of electronic dance music. The crew itself consists of an eclectic mix of DJs including but not musically limited to drum and bass, dubstep, house, techno, breaks, electro and many other genres. If you are down with the booty bumpin' bass then you are down with 2K Deep.

Tonight's Journey finds 3 of the most recognized names in 2kdeep, Haitian, Hambone, and Smd rocking a mind blowing bass driven set of drum n bass and dubstep for your ears. This will be one set for the record books folks.. Do not miss it!

True Risen w/ Mc Mic Souljah

Lock42, Hyphonic Sounds - Ithaca, NY


The Blockheads

Direkt Influence ,Upstate Jungle - Utica, NY




Up Rock Crew,Q.D.R.F.,Rhyme Rhythm N Rave - Syracuse, NY



Get Bent - Syracuse, NY


Lasers &Lighting: APB Lighting

Visuals by: Roy Buckley

Gogo Dacers

3 Rooms of Sound

Sound by: Zootica Sounds, Hyphonic Sounds, & Fuze


Bridgewater Indoor Skate Park

addy: 355 State Rt 8 Bridgewater, NY 13313

Time: 9pm - 5am

Age: 18 to party & 21 to drink

Admission: $10 limited presales and $15 @ door

Skool Alum discount: $5 (to any artist that has performed for any prior skool sessions event.)


Skoolie Hi-DEF Will Call

Friday, September 3, 2010


Many 'microwave' DJs insist that being a DJ is not about the 'traditional' skills, but ONLY about the ability to 'rock the crowd' -- "it is not what you do, or know how to do, but the end product".

The Milli Vanilli analogy confronts this belief, as it infers that there is an ultimate element to reproduction that makes implicit what is portrayed in that reproduction. A DJ receives his acclaim due in part to the implied contextual idioms that are synonymous with being 'a DJ' -- the traditional song manipulation skills.

A ‘Milli Vanilli DJ’ is one that relies heavily on software to 'rock the crowd' without publicly acknowledging that this is the case. But, as it happened to Milli Vanilli:

"In 1990, during a 'live' performance recorded by MTV at the Lake Compounce theme park in Connecticut, the recording of the song "Girl You Know It's True" jammed and began to skip, repeating the line "Girl You Know It's-" over and over, resulting in one of the most embarrassing moments in popular music history." (taken from Wikipedia)

If the Milli Vanilli DJ’s software freezes, or he forgets his USB cable, control vinyl, or laptop this creates a unique problem for that DJ. If the promoter or anyone else (very likely to be another DJ on the card that night) has regular turntable decks and a slew of popular vinyl (vinyl that the software DJ should already be familiar with), this particular software dependent DJ cannot recover and/or perform under these circumstances -- where he/she would at least be expected to.