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Visionarymindz Entertainment, The Bubble, Bloodline Music, Intermission Ltd, in association with Trexx Nightclub

Bubble Halloween #16


Friday, October 29th, 2010

Trexx Nightclub

319 N Clinton Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

18+/21 to Drink - 9pm-6am

COST: 12$ Early Birds (First 50) / 15$ presale / 20$ @ the Door

21+ w/ ID to drink

18+ w/ ID to Dance your face off!

**REMINDER** - ONLY GOVERNMENT ISSUE ID's are accepted, Please do not bring sheriff or college id's w/out birth papers to verify with photo!

LIVE Projectors and Visuals throughout the Night by Deliria

Sexy Elite Diva's Gogo Dancers - Finest ass shaking in cuse!

Amazing Space Age Decorations !

Extra Bass Pounding Sound by Hyphonic Sounds, Zootica Sounds

Ultra Late After-Hours till 6am, 8 hours of music and over 30 musical acts - The only Spot In Syracuse open w/ music this late.. Get the Fullest Halloween experience here, Last year the place had a line around the block waiting to get in, So please get here early to ensure entry!

In a galaxy not so far away - only 25 million light-years - astronomers have found what looks like are the remnants of strange celestial explosions called hypernovae. "Hypernovae are possibly the most powerful explosions in our Universe since the Big Bang. Such explosions are more powerful than supernovae, the spectacular death gasps of stars some 5-10 times more massive than our Sun. In fact, hypernovae may produce some 100 times more energy than supernovae. But what are these explosions and what causes them? Astronomers are not sure at this point. It is hoped that the discovery of these two suspected hypernova remnants, called MF83 and NGC5471B, located in the nearby spiral galaxy M101 will allow astrophysicists to infer their true nature.

Come Prepared to this years holloween to experience a true space age atmosphere, with visuals, lazers, lights and decorations that will not only captivate your imagination, but open your mind to new light.

We here @ Visionarymindz are ready to show you exactly the type of energy they are referring too, Come to bubble halloween and experience the best energy in the universe.. Bubble Halloween #16 "Hype!rNova"

100$ Costume Prize for the Best Dressed and giveaways all night from VisionaryMindz, the Bubble, and Trexx nightclub. Costume Contest will be held at 1215AM by a panel of 2 Judges and 5 of the best costumes. Winner will be rated by crowd reaction!!

You can Purchase presales @ Starting Aug 31st (Will Call Only)

(((((the Planetarium))))))

Dj Icey **Cd release for "What you feel"**



Zone Records, Tree Records, Automatic Static radio, Pam artist managment / - Florida

Born and raised in Florida, DJ Icey has been mesmerized by electronic music ever since hearing the synthesizer breakdown on The Edgar Winter Group�s "Frankenstein". "My mom had that album and I would play that middle part over and over wondering how they made that sound,� Icey recounts. �I was little and thought it was so cool".

Rising to worldwide prominence out of the fertile Orlando Florida electronic music scene which has spawned the likes of AK 1200,Kimball Collins, Jimmy Van M, Chris Fortier, and Baby Anne, Icey cut his teeth at the legendary EDGE nightclub in the mid-90s, and even persuaded The Chemical Brothers to play their first show Stateside there. When The Edge closed in 1996, DJ Icey hit the road� and has stayed on it since.

Icey runs two Indie labels dedicated to the Breaks he loves, the Main imprint Zone Records released it's first 12 Inch single in 1994, �Energy Tracks Volume 1� quickly followed by the hard to find �Encyclopedia Funktanica� both of these records gained a cult following worldwide as there was nothing quite like it at the time. Zone Records continues releasing more than a dozen records a year and his second label Tree Records follows very closely behind with slightly more eccentric productions. Discovered for the punters by BBC Radio 1 DJ and longtime A&R kingpin Pete Tong, Icey became the first American producer to sign to his U.S. ffrr label in 1997 as an artist thanks to Pete and U.S. Honcho Neil Harris, He was the first American DJ to be selected to record a prestigious "Essential Mix" for U.S. Release. With over 200 12� singles under his production belt and 5 cd releases, Icey has SoundScanned over 300,000 CD units in North America alone.

Playing 100+ gigs per year, Icey is a touring maniac. But that doesn�t keep him out of the studio during the week working on new tracks for his Indie Labels Zone and Tree records, constantly trying to push the envelope to make his fans sweat on the dancefloor. The new material is then cut on dub plates and tested out on weekend gigs: �There is nothing better than finishing a tune and seeing the reaction from a crowded dancefloor right after finishing it," he beams. 2003 saw DJ Icey release "Different Day", a new album of all original material. Different Day, Icey�s second full-length artist album to date, embraces futuristic breakbeat interwoven with house sensibilities, while keeping the energy level peaking throughout. 2004 saw the release of his new Mix CD �For the Love of the Beat�, Icey creates a seamless hour plus long mix encompassing the many faces of the Worldwide Breakbeat scene. New CD Projects are on the Horizon for late 2005 and 12" Vinyl Singles on the Tree and Zone Records Imprints will be released monthly.

Dj Rap **Special Drum n Bass set **
At Large Entertainment, Propa Talent - Los Angeles, Ca

Over her 15-year career, DJ Rap has moved effortlessly between genres, staking her claim on various styles within the electronic spectrum, while simultaneously pushing the limits of rock and pop. The First Lady of Drum #699;n#700; Bass and the undisputed Queen of the Turntables, her music has infiltrated club systems and car stereos worldwide, and her numerous forays into video game and motion picture soundtracks have solidified her pedigree as one dance music#700;s most successful and prolific artists.

With three studio albums, 75 mix compilations and over 2,000,000 in cumulative worldwide sales to her name, what makes you think she#700;d stop now?

In May 2010, DJ Rap will release Synthesis (Ministry of Sound), a brand new studio album that weaves together a full compliment of synthetic textures and organic moods, and paints a lucid picture of her journey as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Powerful, melodic and immaculately produced, Synthesis is a return to the hybridization of styles she brought forward on Learning Curve (Sony), her 1999 debut that had magazines like Rolling Stone and Ray Gun heralding her arrival into the mainstream. The album#700;s first single, “Give It All Away,” will be released November 2009.

Dose the Alien



Intermission Ltd, CotoPaxi, VisionaryMindz Ent, Protium recordings - Nyc

Some believe in life on other planets, and some were just born different. Over two decades ago Andrew Kirchner a.k.a. Dose the Alien crash landed on earth seeking a life of his own. Lucky for us, He found music and continues pushing his genius across the world. With a background in music theory and production he has a taste and ability to play almost any instrument you can hand him. With years of piano training and roots in Rock and Dance music since the early 90's D74 has pushed the envelope of his sounds to find his own unique flavor.

LoveSound Project (aka Chris Love and Enkay)




You wanted House, You got it.. Lovesound project is a collective of the top House industry in New York City. Performing the now infmous S.O.U.P events all through New York the project has evolved into one of the most recognized names in house music. Today's group brings up a couple of New york Legends in dj Enkay who's performed for us many times here in Central new york and beyond.. And the Legendary Chris Love from Stuck on Earth, One of the baddest dj/promoters/artists that the northeast has to offer. Get ready Cny, its about to get Funky!

2kDeep (Haitian, Hambone, Smd)

(Dub / Dnb / Jungle)

11pm-12am / 761 - Ne and Ny

2K Deep can be best described as a coalition of gang bangin' DJs. Our philosophy is to bring to the floor a variety of electronic dance music. The crew itself consists of an eclectic mix of DJs including but not musically limited to drum and bass, dubstep, house, techno, breaks, electro and many other genres. If you are down with the booty bumpin' bass then you are down with 2K Deep.

Tonight's Journey finds 3 of the most recognized names in 2kdeep, Haitian, Hambone, and Smd rocking a mind blowing bass driven set of drum n bass and dubstep for your ears. This will be one set for the record books folks.. Do not miss it!

The Funk n Blues Brothas (Aka MikeyParkay & Ian Somniak)

(House / Fidget)


FunkStarz music, VisionaryMindz, GrooveTherapy Management

Rick Morykon w/ Frank Ziggy *live*

(Electro / Open Format)

10pm-11pm - PA

Disko and Voins



Get Bent, The Kids want Techno

(((((the Black Hole))))))




ReneGade Hardware, VIPER, DSCI4, MACII - Toronto

NC-17 is a Drum & Bass duo of talented artists based in Toronto, Canada consisting of Peter & Shawn. Their namesake refers to the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating system which undertakes that an NC-17 rating film would be one based around violence, sex, aberrational behaviour, drug abuse or any other element that most parents would consider too intense for viewing by their children. The group�s love of movies is reflected not only in their name, but equally in their music, combining both NC-17 rating style hardness and a cinematic edge that any fan of Drum & Bass will understand. Crafting music that works not only in an artistic capacity, but also as a catalyst to making clubbers shake their collective booties!

Originally starting out with Peter in 2004, NC-17 became a two man operation in 2007 when Korosiv joined the ranks to form one of the most promising acts in the Toronto scene. Aware of their local scene�s competitive nature and understanding that Toronto D&B fans are generally more enamoured with the harder and darker side of the genre, NC-17 chose deliberately to spearhead a rough and ready sound that would win them acclaim from their peers. Initially learning their craft from Impulse of Corrupt Souls fame, the boys began to draw on a huge range of musical and audio-visual influences to create their own unique sound.

Working together as a unit, NC-17 is held together by an obviously close friendship and individual roles within the group. Peter is the eldest of the group and comes from a musical family (his mother was a singer in Turkey during her early 20s). He houses the main NC-17 studio and is an experienced DJ, promoter, producer and University educated film maker. Shawn, a professional drummer and the son of a sound engineer who toured with the likes of Pink Floyd is originally from Ohio. As soon as the two got into the studio together they knew they had something special to offer and Canada�s most promising Drum & Bass production outfit was born.

Signing their first two hard hitting tracks to Sinuous Recordings in 2004, there�s now no stopping this duo who have lined up releases on DSCI4, MAC II, Circle, Sudden Def and just recently signing a single to Andy C Ram Sister label Frequency.

Big Basha vs Bone Loc aka Bones Jones



Betamorph, MNMPresents, Frosty Tone, Jungle Bums, Digital Terror - Ny

Two of the reigning kings of Dubstep in buffalo and rochester. Bob Basha and Bones jones have been pushing dubstep throughout the Central new york region playing at some of the most inflencial brokenbeat dnb and dubstep parties over the past decade. Each pushing constant mixes and original productions these two individuals are top of there game, Be sure to catch this rare battle performance of two of Upstate New york's finest Talents..!


(Turntablism / Breaks)


761 Productions!/DL1200?ref=ts - Ct

Mentally Ill


Massive Audio - Ny


(Turntablism / Breaks)


Eye80recordings, SickSound - Ny

True Risen & DmiliTant

(Drum n Bass)


Lock42, Hyphonic Sounds

the BlockHeads



Upstate Jungle, DirektInfluence / - Ny

SwampTang vs Kate!Rush



Get Bent, SickSound


Lock42, Hyphonic
Smd da MC

Mac Allister

Direktinfluence, VisionaryMindz

Mc Pez

Bitchass productions

(((((the Asteroid Belt))))))

Scottie Making Moves

(Happy Hardcore)


Pulsar, Hard, FloorBurnerz - PA

Veteran DJ of 10 years and a solid 14 years of attending events, MAKIN MOVES has been an East Coast favorite by rocking crowds state to state with his energetic dance floor smashers, make you smile energy, flawless vinyl mixing, dancing with the crowd and off the wall mash-up�s. Starting his career as his first alias, DJ SPACEBOY, Scottie was crushing venue�s, house parties and radio shows in the North East as a Hard Trance DJ with heavy influences from Scot Project, Beam and Cyrus, X-Dream, Pleasurehead, Max Graham, Spacegirl and Pulsedriver. After getting his first booking, the ball starting rolling and only a couple years in was playing bookings all over in the tri-state area. Scottie has always been fan of the �core� and decided to change his alias to Makin Moves to play Happy Hardcore/Freeform in 2002. Once Makin Moves has discovered what his calling was, nothing stopped him from rocking crowds with the freshest Happy Hardcore tracks out there. After getting recognition and signed to Floorburnerz Crew in MA, Makin Moves became a well known name and positive influence on the rave culture up and down the east coast. Makin Moves has headlined countless parties, played the Legendary �Candy Ball� parties twice main stage and some very famous clubs and venues in many different states. Makin Moves has also shared stages with Brisk, Julian Liberator, Cruze, Pikey, Rob Gee, Milo, Guru from Gangstar, ORBIT 1, Daniel Billy Bunter, Star Scream and many more to name a few. After 10 years of playing out, Scottie Makin Moves has decided to rock the masses a few more times for his Farewell Tour to focus on his new career and life. Tonight will be a very special treat for Syracuse, NY. Be sure your shoes are on tight because the dancing will not stop till his last track is dropped. Let�s see him off the best way we know how and blow the dance floor up.




MicroCosm House

Mike Sims vs Sean Place

(Hard Techno)


VinylBeat Productions, 1000 Styles, 4ontheFloor, Visionarymindz / - Ny

JoGo Element



Nexus Entertainment & Sound / Lazers - Ny

Kogswell Kox



DirektInfluence Productions - Ny




DirektInfluence Productions - Ny

Zoot vs Re-Rocco



VibrantSoundz, BloodLine Music

Lost Monster vs Da Lockz



VibrantSoundz / Off the Record Recordings

***Private Afterhours flyers will be at the show***

Free w/ Wrist Band from halloween @ Trexx!!

Dj Monolo



VisionaryMindz, off the record

Silas Maximus



VisionaryMindz, gettupmassive, vibe315

50$ Rooms
6620 Old Collamer Road, East Syracuse, NY 13057
(315) 432-5612
45$ Rooms
6577 Baptist Way
East Syracuse, NY 13057-1225
(315) 433-1300

"Presale Tickets"

All presale Handheld Tickets will be Available October 1st at participating locations:


Sound Garden

124 Walton Street

Syracuse, NY 13202

Telephone: (315) 473-4343


Skyehigh West

610 Monroe Avenue

Rochester NY 14607

Phone : 585-271-5750



333 Genesee Street

Utica, NY 13501

Phone : 315-734-0363

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As a working Dj I get new cds, mixes, and singles handed to me all the god damn time. To be honest with you, if it doesnt catch my interest in the first five minutes of flipping through tracks, then it goes right in the garbage! There are very few that catch my interest. Its gotta make me move....its gotta make my head nod...its gotta make me wanna turn it up to the FUCKING max while im cruising down the highway!! Ill tell you what, I popped this mix in my car and didnt even need to skip tracks. The whole mix went right through three times. If i had to give this new album a rating from 1-10 it would be a 9 lacking 1 point for not being longer because I just wanted more!!!! Its like a good movie that eventually comes to an ending. Tracks were all dope, and there are skits throughout the mix that add a little humor to the album, as well as documentation by Kidd Star, the brigade, and the b-boys speaking on the inspiration of the album. I support this album 100% and recommend it to anybody infactuated with uptempo rhythms and hard knocking bass with that b-boy touch. My personal favs on this album are tracks 2,3,5,8,11, and 13. ALBUM COMING OUT SOON IN A STORE NEAR YOU!!! DJELEMENTZMUSIK.COM GIVES YOU A LIL SNEAK PEAK!!!!


I Miss My Baby (I Miss My GA REMIX)

Life's Symphony