Friday, November 5, 2010

New Series: Master of the Mix Searches for the Ultimate DJ

We have top chef, top model and even the top hairdresser, but next month Centric and BET is adding top DJ to the mix with a new series called Master of the Mix.

Each week, DJ's will compete for the title and a cool $250,000 in cash from series sponsor Smirnoff. The show begins on November 3 with a party at a luxury home in the Hollywood Hills, then they head out to The People's Challenge, a vodka tasting event in Las Vegas and on to Miami, Los Angeles, New York and London over the course of eight episodes.

The DJ's will be judged on their technical ability, track selection, originality, and crowd response. Kid Capri and famed record producer Quincy Jones will do the judging along with a weekly special guest including music biz veteran Biz Markie.

The fact that the show is being sponsored by a liquor company is a little out of the ordinary. But David Tapscoot, brand director for Smirnoff says it's a natura.,

"Smirnoff has always been a part of the nightlife culture, encouraging responsible partying for years and since we're working with some of the most influential DJs who control the night, the partnership between the two spaces feels natural to us."

The trouble is, alcohol and reality shows usually go together in a very unpleasant way. Shows like Jersey Shore and Rock of Love make a point of showing drunken contestants getting into fights, having sloppy sexual encounters, and a few more disgusting behaviors that have become commonplace on TV.

It's unlikely that Smirnoff wants to see its product associated with such behaviors. They're going to want to present a show where drinking vodka is trendy and classy. Can they make it work? We'll soon find out.

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