Friday, December 17, 2010


Once again the holidaze are upon us and we get to have our outta town brethrens come home to shed some light on the decks for all of ya to enjoy. So when you get the chance...head on down to PEEPdis for a Happy Hour that you'll definetly dont wanna miss! Have a Safe and Vibrant Holidaze!

Our outta town Brethrens:

Rob Dub - Tech House / Progressive - Las Vegas, Nv

Funkaphonic - House - Fayeteville, NC (Will be headin for his 3rd tour to Aghanistan in '11)

Phildamuzik - House & Throwbacks - Los Angeles, CA

Da Local Yocals:

Luis Elusivo - Durty Rhythmz

Zoot - Fidget/Dub

Shaun Josef - Progressive

Lost Monster - Trance

DJ Mysterious - Electro - We "R"

Venue: PEEPdis (above Peepers)
Time: 4pm - 2am
Date: Dec.22 Wednesday
Admission: FREE (RSVP on via FaceBook or email @