Thursday, September 14, 2017

Rusko X SubFocus X Curtis B X Jay Z - Hold On (Elementz PSA 2017 ReEdit)

Was going through some of my old edits and ran into this gem that I used to play in every set. One of my go to bangers for sure. The only thing that I noticed was the quality of the edit I made was straight dog i remade the whole thing...tossed in a little bring it back sample and cut the whole intro to the Rusko track out. I remember when I played it in the past...the dramatic break in the beginning of "Hold On" by Rusko was always the part of the track where people would stop and look around for a second..pick a booger or two and yank on their weggie a bit...then when it kicked in the hands went up. I cut all that shit out..and got right to the beef. Tossed in the epic Classic "P.S.A" by jigga that we definitely do not play enough of these days...with a dope breakbeat intro chopped from Curtis of my all time favorites back when I was throwin down the breaks. I definitley remember this Rusko track getting played the fk out for sure. I dunno...maybe its been long enough to bring it back..I bet a little help from Jigga might get it rockin again...lets see.